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exploring our relationship with the Land


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An Independent Feature Documentary

“Land Awakening” is my personal journey to experience hands-on organic sustainable agriculture, turning into the discovering of alternative technologies and approaches to producing and gathering food. The experience resolves to a spiritual reflection into our deep and sacred relationship with the Land.

Inspired by his son’s voyage to learn about organic farming in Spain, Mexican-Canadian filmmaker Raúl Álvarez embarks on his own quest finding how chemical agriculture creates deserts, and Wild Nature provides far more nutritious foods when we stop controlling it.

Raúl’s odyssey expands around the Mediterranean and Canada, warmly portraying compelling characters living sustainably. He meets experts breaking paradigms and taboos on agriculture, wild plants and marketing food, making his journey deeply inspiring.

Imbued with a beautiful scenery “Land Awakening” proposes a spiritual, timely and concrete message of change in our relationship to the Land where our food comes from.

The Director:

After 32 years of filmmaking experience, Raúl embarks on his directorial debut in documentary.

Born in Mexico City, Raúl graduated in filmmaking in Montreal, Canada and returned to his native Land to work on ethnographic documentary films as well as a diverse and productive career on TV, advertising and feature films for 16 years. Back in Canada in 1996 he has continued as a video editor. His work has been broadcasted in networks in Canada and PBS in the US. He has also participated in commercials, government and corporate, documentaries and feature films projects as associate director, producer, editor and executive producer both in Mexico and Canada.

His Land Awakening is a thoughtful investigate which exhibits a lifelong appreciation for the medium -deftly told stories, fascinating portraiture and a compelling vision coupled with an exacting editorial control.

…It’s beautiful – visually and philosophically. Wonderful characters. …absolutely wonderful. Brewster Kneen, Economist, author and analyst of food production and distribution. Scholar and food activist: “Canada’s foremost analyst and critic of the food system.