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Català en construcció i traducció. Una mica de paciència si us plau.


The Land, la Terre, Tierra, Terra… Different visions of our beloved Land.
This film is my personal journey to experience hands-on Organic sustainable Agriculture, turning into the discovering of alternative technologies and approaches to producing and gathering food. The experience resolves into an spiritual reflexion into our deep and sacred relationship with the Land.



The supermarkets were not invented to make our life easier, they were created to make a profit.

Different yoghurts with different colors, they are not different yoghurts…Is the same corporation changing artificial flavoring and labels…

Based in Barcelona, Xavi Montanyèz is an activist for “Supermarkets? No Thank you”.


In Agriculture, – ploughing the soil and expecting from it to give us what we want to eat is the expression of our relentless aim to control the Land – the same way we believe we have to control everything around us.
But letting go lead us to understand the richness and harmony Nature can offer if we only allow her to show herself, -and humbly- learn from her higher wisdom. This Harmony is a dance with the Land, where the dancers flow with the rhythm of the soil, of the Earth, of Mother Nature.


Michael Baker reflects on the Understanding the Journey of living in Nature. 


The Community of Xicoria in Tarragona organized the first Agro-Organic Fair in the small village of Montblanc bringing together organic local farmers, cheese, beer and wine makers as well as seeds and farming workshops for kids and adults. The Bandarra Street Orchestra animated the people to join the community dinner made with organic food. 

TO GROW A TOMATOJamie Nicol comments on one of the basic principles of Natural Farming.


Questioning paradigms and breaking lifestyles is far from an easy thing to do. Most of us are deeply engaged and dependent on an economic system based on the unlimited consumption of goods without really thinking of the consequences.


With a wide variety of plants and animals living together the Land becomes richer every year. This is the key to Natural Farming. The first thing we have to think of is not whether we have to plant tomatoes or whatever yields more, or what gives more money, but how to create a fertile soil. Natural Farming can give excellent results as long as one has the philosophy of serving Nature and to try and create a fertile soil.


François Couplan is an academic and authority in foraging for wild edible plants, but above all his heart and soul belong to the untamed Nature where he has spent most of his life. While teaching a week-long workshop he brought me into a new world of nourishment for the body and the mind but also I learnt about the balance between human kind and Nature. Learning about Wild edible plants is a fascinating discovery, not only about their higher nutritional value, their intriguing life force when eating them but it is the experience of getting truly closer to Nature in all senses.


It was a shock to realize the paradox that right below the beauty of these endless fields of Sunflowers and of any other monoculture the biodiversity and fertility of this precious soil is being depleted making it addicted to chemical fertilizers.

An overpowering agrobusiness has been replacing rain forests, wetlands and other fertile lands all around the planet in order to produce not food but stock-exchangeable commodities.