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If you felt inspired by the film and want to help others feel the same, there are three ways you can support this project and contribute spreading its message.



“Land Awakening” is running an affiliate program which makes use of Distrify.com’s VOD distribution.

To learn more, look at the “Share and Embed” column to the right, and follow the instructions. You can share the film’s trailer on your Facebook page or on your web site and earn 10% when someone purchases “Land Awakening” through your web site’s link.

Sharing the film will spread the message and bring you rewards!



I need a team of volunteers to translate the subtitles of the film into French, Italian and German. If you can properly translate from an English script to any of these three languages, please contact me at raul@raulfilms.com. The script will be divided amongst those volunteering. Your name will appear in the credits of the appropriate version of the film.

I have hours of good video content from the interviews that needs to be selected, transcribed and translated. This footage will then be edited into short 3-5 minutes clips of wisdom and knowledge by the experts appearing in the film.  There’s a lot of interesting content… please help us make it see the light so that more people can learn and feel inspired! Support this new project and contact me at raul@raulfilms.com



A few reasons I’m asking for your pledge:

• A long time ago, I made a decision to reverse my priorities, and put the message of this film ahead of making a profit from it. I believe taking care of the Land, la Terra, La Pachamama, Mother Earth… is far more important than balancing the books. We all need to change our ways, not only of how we relate to the Land, but to each other. I’m giving my labour of love and passion to this project. I would receive your financial support with humble gratitude. Please help contribute to making a better world, one film at the time.

• Even though I’m asking for volunteers, there are still payments that have to be made to cover server and webmaster‘s fees, and other post-production  expenses.

• I’ve dedicated 4 years to this project without any grant or funding so far other than my own savings. I am a long way to recoup the cost of making this film and I’m at the end of the line. I want to continue working in this project or similar ones, but cannot do it without support. Your contribution -even if small- always help and I will appreciate it very much.

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