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François Couplan


As one starts to cultivate, one has to start clearing Nature, and Nature in our region has always been a forest, so one is going to start clear-cutting the woods. Once we have cleared the forest it doesn’t stop there. We need to constantly battle against Nature because there are plants that grow by themselves, Nature expresses itself, and that is called “weeds”. That is an absolutely terrible term.


For over thirty-five years, I have been suggesting those interested to join me in discovering the plants that Nature grows. We first meet them through observation, touch, smell, taste … Then after talking about their virtues, their traditional uses, about their possible dangers, we pluck some to prepare intriguing wild meals…

Given the continued success, I assembled a team of competent and motivated people who share my passion for plants and Nature. Since September 2008, I started a school to train teachers who want to pass on this knowledge. Indeed, this forgotten heritage will become more valuable in years to come when our lifestyles will greatly change. It is not only about botany, but about the relationship of man to plants. Moreover, to know, pick and eat wild plants, far from being a fad, a new indispensable design of life is revealed.