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Michael Baker

I believe that we’re seeing the signs through the economic system breaking down, that the way life is on this planet in this so-called ‘developed world’ is, indeed, unsustainable. And what we are seeing now is a sustainable possibility, if we only take up the challenge and re-think fundamentally how to manage land; how to grow, how to behave with each other, with the land, and with life and with our needs! Because the work ethic outside, in business, is driven by need.

Dear oh dear, oh dear, what is attacking my food? I’m growing this food and something’s attacking it! I’ve got to do something about it! And some people scurry to the shop to see what they can buy, this or that, or the other. But, you know, the real wisdom keepers of organics, they know that it’s okay to allow 10% of your food to go to the biodiversity of life; why shouldn’t the caterpillars have some of it? Yes, within reason, and I know I haven’t got caterpillar language and I can’t speak nicely to the caterpillars: don’t take anymore of my cabbage. So, there are limits. But, generally speaking, if we allow a correct balance in what we grow, in a biodiversity the birds will come and pick the caterpillars. I discovered that wasps come down to these very caterpillars and pick them up when they’re small, a whole caterpillar flying through the air, suddenly has wings! and suddenly is no longer eating my cabbage! So, the wasps have a good use! We need to stop and study life carefully first, before running to the shelf, to the next poison chemical, to kill.

Allowing things to self-seed. Over winter some of the crop has been here. And some of the rocket has seeded and is already coming back up from the winter crop, and so here is food for free. Because I love the taste of this. Nothing can be fresher than when you pick it and eat it straight away! Not only the vitamins, but the life force energy in it!

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