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Panagiotis Manikis


To become humble. This is the only way to go back to Nature. We don’t really know what Nature is. Is Nature the natural farm we see here, is Nature a jungle in the Amazonas, is Nature a desert? Practically human being cannot give an answer to what real Nature is. If we become humble without pretending knowledge, then the way is open for everybody to go back to Nature. I think this is the key.

If we want to reach harmony with Nature we have to become one with everything that’s around us. That doesn’t mean that we’ll become trees or rivers but there will be no distance in between us. And if sometimes we’re not one with Nature or if we are not aware of Nature around us, then it’s simply enough to see it and nothing else. If we want to change that then it is control again, this is mind again, then that’s ego again.

What we have to do is offer seeds to Nature and in order to protect them from the animals, rodents, and the birds we simply have to make clay balls and sow them before the rainy season starts. And we’re talking about offer, because this is practically what we do is to try to give Nature the possibility to restore itself. If we try to do something more, then we’ll create problems. So it’s not a work. Because Nature is our mother. And if Nature dies, humanity dies, god dies.


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