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Pere Vidal

The grain that we’re milling here has been grown locally. There are ecological farmers in this area which are already planting the local varieties and are looking for local varieties; they are planting spelt. And some of the farmers have begun to plant Xeixa which is an old wheat variety in Cataluña.

So the ancient varieties are being rediscovered because people who are working with ecological varieties, with artisan bread, prefer the older varieties because the industrial varieties have lost so much.

I had never baked bread before. And the process has been long because it’s been 3 years now that I’m learning and also getting baking supplies and equipment from bakeries that have closed down and learning about baking in terms of seeds, learning how to make bread, first by hand and then step by step with machines. It’s by trial and error. I didn’t learn things in a school but by doing it.

When you taste things that have been grown ecologically or you’re trying artisan products, there’s an abysmal difference. You notice the many tastes and aromas and you get very motivated to consume them and to cultivate.

Eating a salad made with industrially grown veggies, you don’t find the flavour you were looking  for or that you were used to. It’s the same with the bread. You get used to this bread and when you taste conventional bread it is just a chewy mass of air impossible to digest that you prefer not to eat because you know it isn’t nourishing, because you know you’re intoxicating your body.