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Inés Sánchez & Richard Wade


You could say that our history began when Richard bought this farm back in 1975. There was a spring and a raft, some abandoned orchards, and a tool shed with a crib for the mule. This became a little community of pioneers returning to the countryside. Myself (Inés) arrived in 1982.

During those days in a shaded spot on the farm we had a meeting of the environmentalist group from Reus. The smell of pine when I walk by there reminds me of those times. During all those years and with the enthusiastic cooperation of many people who have participated in training, we have developed several sustainable systems of food production, we have reforested degraded areas, we have built two green homes, restored many dry stone walls, we have also installed several systems to produce solar energy, of irrigation, of water storage and wastewater treatment, etc. David Lee and Jaik Abrahams, have given us invaluable work and teachings about wastewater treatment. Permaculture has come from the hand of Emilia Hazelip, Leah Harrison, Dan Hemenway, Andy Langford and Jane Hera. We thank to its creators Bill Mollison and David Holmgren whom themselves were inspired by the teachings of Masanobu Fukuoka. To all of them we are infinitely grateful.