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Robert Rivard


Pioneer of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in the Petite-Nation and the Ottawa region, Ferme La Rosée is distinguished by its diversity of vegetable and fruit crops. Certified organic since its inception today has over two hundred and fifty CSA partners as well as other commercial customers.


Robert’s passion and dedication to organic farming has been strong well over twenty-five years now! Powered by a boundless creativity at all levels, he breathes in the oxygen necessary to maintain its constant renewal.

The farm products are harvested the day before or the delivery day for the utmost freshness. The farm has an insulated box on the delivery truck to maintain maximum freshness of its produce.


Our philosophy is part of an ecological vision in a broad sense by practicing organic, environmentally friendly and sustainable agriculture. With our diversity of cultures, we provide the local population with a varied, tasty, and healthy food supply.