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Xicoria emerged…well,…from some lost baggage, from being adrift for a few years. A number of friends who realized that somehow we didn’t quite fit in with the current job dynamic, the housing dynamic, paying a huge mortgage; and in terms of understanding the world, changing it, at the environmental and social levels. So that made us anxious and restless.

The possibility of the land emerged and the idea of a group moving together to the countryside and working in a community in a smaller place than Barcelona; a rural environment that would be more accessible and where people treat each other differently, you know?, a place where the baker has the time to talk to you about the weather for five minutes, something which doesn’t happen in Barcelona.



The collective is super important; always doing things together in a group – that’s already a transformation because, normally, in many spheres in this society, unfortunately, when things are decided there are always hierarchies.

And that’s a transformation at the human level.  It’s a dynamic of always finding consensus. And this first year was all about creating the project and thinking it up, a continuous decision-making process within the group; with everything that that entails, debates–  and that’s the transformation at the personal level, at the relationships level and in terms of decision-making.



We wanted to do agriculture; we wanted to experiment and see if it was possible to live off the Land and have a different relationship with consumers, by not selling our products in the conventional marketplace.

We also wanted to do other things, you know, like train people and create awareness; and so we started to set up educational workshops for adults and for boys and girls.

And in the third area, which is the kitchen, this worked very well in terms of the vegetable garden because the surpluses can be used for cooking.

And then there was the aspect of the social contact with other movements who are doing other things in programs, meetings, especially social movements or people who are doing actions related to what we’re doing